• Mr. Jagernath Lachmonstraat 158
  • (597) 463-201
  • Mr. Jagernath Lachmonstraat 158
  • (597) 463-201


Accounting Services

TAH Administraties N.V. offers a wide range of financial and administrative services. For small (and medium) businesses in Suriname, our services vary from performing administrations and compilations of financial statements to providing guidance on financial and administrative matters. It is up to the client to indicate their need for a specific service. Depending on the need, our firm can take on the entire administration of a company or, if so desired, take on specific subtasks. For medium and large companies, we provide financial, administrative and consultancy services in a professional and efficient manner.

We provide all the services that can be expected from an administration office and use advanced computer equipment and accounting programs for our work activities.

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Our range of services include:
  • Handling the financial administration, including the provision of interim financial reports
  • Handling the payroll administration
  • Handling of project administrations
  • Statement of assets and liabilities, preparation of budgets and cost price calculations
  • Administrative assistance, providing guidance in the financial administration through the (part-time) deployment of our trained employees
  • Compilation of annual accounts
Looking for a team of experienced accountants & consultants?