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  • Mr. Jagernath Lachmonstraat 158
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Audit and assurance

Audit and Assurance Service

Organizations today mainly want to focus on seizing opportunities for growth and development for their organization. In this context, an accountant equipped with sector specific knowledge of their industry is indispensable. Our extensive experience and knowledge of a wide range of sectors enable us to answer questions before they are brought forward, think critically and deliver concrete solutions. This allows our customers to devote their full and undivided attention to the core activities of their organization.

We have years of experience in different sectors, such as:
  • Banks, insurance companies and pension funds
  • Health
  • Telecom
  • Energy and Mining
  • Trade and Industry
  • Not for profit organisations such as fundraising institutions and/or non- government organisations

With our audit and assurance services we contribute to building trust and solving important problems. This way, we create value for our society, clients and employees.

We offer the following audit and assurance services:
  • Audit of annual accounts
  • Special audit assignments
  • Specific assignments
  • Other assurance and assurance related assignments IT audits
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