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  • (597) 463-201
  • Mr. Jagernath Lachmonstraat 158
  • (597) 463-201


Consulting Services

With our team of professionals at Tjong A Hung Consultants we strive to optimize the business operations together with our client. This is achieved by creating sustainable value, facilitating smooth business processes and taking the right strategic decisions. In this context, we always proactively seek innovative and effective solutions for your issues.

Directing You To Excellence

We lead the organisation towards achieving outstanding results through an integral approach where we take the company as a whole into consideration. Our specialists, proven methods and systems as well as our wide range of organisational advice and training enable us to provide support to companies in all organisational areas.

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Our range of services include, among other things:
  • Governance
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Internal audit
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Quick scans
  • IFRS conversions
  • HR Services
  • Interim financials
Looking for a team of experienced accountants & consultants?